Full Mouth Reconstruction in NYC

Full Mouth Reconstruction in NYC


If you have lost some or all of your teeth due to tooth decay or trauma, injured and worn out teeth, and complaints of your jaw, full mouth reconstruction may be what your teeth need. Dr. Frank DiCicco, DMD rebuilds smiles with full-mouth reconstruction for his patients in NYC. Patients who wish to make several improvements to their smile or to the appearance of their mouth may be candidates for full-mouth reconstruction. As an experienced general dentist and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Frank DiCicco specializes in rebuilding smiles with full-mouth reconstruction. A full-mouth reconstruction is different from other cosmetic and restorative dental procedures because we are rebuilding or restoring, all or some of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws.

The benefits of full mouth reconstruction include:

  • Alleviates TMJ symptoms, including headaches and back and shoulder pain
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Improves smiles and appearance
  • Improves oral health
  • Prevents further damage

It can be combined with a variety of other cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. Dental implants, crowns and veneers are some of combinations that can be used with full-mouth reconstructions along with dentures and partials. Depending on each patient’s individual situation and dental issues, a full mouth reconstruction may involve some procedures including:

Each of our patients are different, and therefore treatment plans are customized for each individual unique needs. Depending on the work required, a full mouth reconstruction could take several months to a year to complete. During your first visit to our clinic, Dr. Frank DiCicco will examine your mouth and discuss your optimal results. He will thoroughly assess your oral health and develop a plan to renew your smile. We will also perform an oral exam, discuss your dental history and take x-rays. Once we have a good understanding of your current dental state, Dr. DiCicco can recommend the best, and least invasive options to restore your smile with full mouth reconstruction in NYC. If you are having dental problems that are causing you discomfort, please call CPS Cosmetic Dentistry at 212-486-6211 or fill out our convenient contact form to receive more information.

How long will the process take?

For some patients, full results can be achieved within several weeks, for others it can take several months, or even longer. Each patients situation is different.

Candidates for Full Mouth Reconstruction

The best way to learn whether you are a candidate for full mouth reconstruction is to meet with a qualified dentist like Dr. Frank DiCicco.

Ideal candidates include individuals who have multiple oral health issues, such as:

  • Decay, cavities
  • Badly damaged teeth
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Gum (periodontal) disease
  • Missing teeth due to poor hygiene or injury
  • Severely worn teeth

Will people know that I’ve had full mouth reconstruction?

Your friends and family may notice that your smile looks better, however people that you associated with on occasional basis will be unable to tell if you had a full mouth reconstruction. We will make sure that your smile looks natural.

Risks and Side Effects of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Frank DiCicco and his staff will take the time to discuss any potential risks and side effects as well as answer any questions you may have about full mouth reconstruction. Fortunately, with skilled, experienced dentists such as Dr. DiCicco risks are rare. Patients may experience some tooth sensitivity or minor discomforts. These symptoms are temporary. It is important that patients learn and daily practice proper oral hygiene habits after their treatment to prevent any more any more dental issues. To learn more about full mouth reconstruction in NYC, please contact us by calling our office at 212-486-6211 or fill our the contact form to receive more information.